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TransShuttle provides a combination of security, connectivity and managed file transfer functionality that makes it easy for any size organization to manage their EDI data exchanges with Trading Partners in compliance with Federal requirements and industry best practices including HIPAA, ACA and the CAQH CORE Operating Rules.


TransShuttle supports the CAQH CORE Infrastructure Operating Rules through Phase IV. TransShuttle manages secure batch and real-time transactions, X.509 certificate provisioning and management, provides operational monitoring and reporting of response time and availability metrics, and automated on-boarding features including sign-up, Trading Partner agreement signature and testing.


The CAQH CORE features are in addition to supporting existing communications methods for EDI exchanges not yet transitioned to using the CAQH CORE Operating Rules. TransShuttle provides the ability to exchange files securely over the Internet via web browser, secure FTP, or secure network-mounted volumes (WebDAV). TransShuttle supports common security approaches such as PGP-encrypted (RFC4880) messages with signing and authentication for batch transports, and key setup/exchange of sender/receiver. Sender and message authentication is supported for PGP messages.


TransShuttle is designed to support both B2B and manual data exchange. In addition to the programmatic interfaces the product provides a secure user interface that allows Trading Partners to generate, upload, view and retrieve EDI transactions, acknowledgements and results. TransShuttle comes with documented Application Program Interfaces (APIs) which expose functionality as services that can be leveraged by other processes within a client’s enterprise, as required.


The foundation of TransShuttle is a configurable messaging framework that readily enables file transfer rules to be configured, tested and operationally monitored and supported through a secure web-based administrative interface. The administrative interface allows for the management of users and role based security, configuration of messaging flows and rules and provides views into the operational state of the EDI exchange system across all trading partners and transactions including the capability to drill down into specific detail as needed.


TransShuttle’s foundational messaging framework includes the capability to convert EDI transactions into SOAP and Restful Web Service transactions and orchestrate calls to the other systems as needed to process transactions. This can be done for both batch and real-time transactions. For example, TransShuttle can accept batch eligibility (270) files and batch claim status (276) files to be processed as real-time inquiries and returned to submitter as batch response files (271,277). TransShuttle also offers optional online compliance checking as well.


TransShuttle can be deployed locally at a client site or hosted on the cloud as the solution requires.