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Whether you are implementing or upgrading your core administrative system, in need of an assessment of your configuration design to enhance auto-adjudication or the development of a new interface due to the implementation of a new business partner, AXIOM can help.


AXIOM’s team brings together the best talent in the industry for assessment, architecture planning and design, electronic commerce design, software selection and recommendation, security and privacy solutions, system remediation and modernization, data management and conversion, system implementation and configuration, custom programming, training, workflow, testing and quality assurance, regulatory consulting including HIPAA, ACA, and policy and procedure design.


As a firm focused exclusively within healthcare, we have experience with several of the leading payer software applications including:
  • TriZetto – Facets, QNXT, QicLink, Networx, CareAdvance, The HIPAA Gateway
  • DST – AMISYS Advance, PowerMHS, PowerSTEPP, PowerChoice
  • Healthedge – HealthRules, Click4Care
  • IkaSystems
  • Dell/Perot – Diamond/Xcelys
  • HealthTrio – xpress, connect
  • HP- MetaVance
  • Ram Technologies – eHealthsuite
  • McKesson – CCMS, CRMS, Code Review, Claim Check
  • Plexis – Claim Manager, Quantum Choice


Our experience and knowledge also includes a number of in-house legacy applications deployed at some of the largest healthcare organizations in the United States. AXIOM is also frequently engaged in providing custom development services including business analysis, project management and software programming to organizations involved in the development and maintenance of in-house applications.


This depth of knowledge and experience allows AXIOM to intelligently implement, configure and develop technical solutions (interfaces, data conversation, and extensions etc.) related to your core administrative system and keep projects on track and within budget.


AXIOM can provide a variety of services related to a client’s vendor implementation or ongoing maintenance, in order to allow clients to take advantage of the applications benefits and maximize the return on investment.


Our implementation services include:
  • Project Management
  • Business rule design, configuration and build
  • Custom code maintenance
  • Business process assessment and workflow
  • Model office test planning
  • Data conversion and auditing
  • Report design and implementation
  • Release upgrades and change management
  • Testing and Quality assurance
  • Security implementation and management
  • Training and documentation
  • Configuration audit and optimization
  • Design, development, testing and implementation of data interfaces and extensions
  • EDI system implementation, data transformation, message flow management
  • Script and process development
  • Post implementation review and operational assessment


Our industry experience is broad based and includes all of the administrative functions and processes related to a Health Plan including knowledge in all relevant application sub-systems such as:
  • Enrollment and membership
  • Provider Setup
  • Provide pricing and contract management
  • Benefit, plan and product configuration and management
  • Claim and encounter processing
  • Claim Pricing
  • Capitation
  • Premium billing and accounts receivable
  • Agent and broker management
  • Customer service
  • Finance
  • Utilization management
  • Case and Medical management
  • Medicaid and Medicare processing
  • Specialty processing such as Dental, Disability and Life, etc.
  • Underwriting and actuarial