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The leadership team at AXIOM possesses a deep understanding of the challenges and issues which face the Healthcare market and continue to demonstrate the kind of leadership required in the growth of a national healthcare information technology solutions firm. In fact, due to their leadership and the contribution of our highly talented staff, AXIOM continues to grow and meet the ongoing needs of our clients.
Our leadership team includes:
  • Richard Howe
    Founder / CEO

    As founder and CEO of AXIOM Systems, Rich has been responsible for establishing and building AXIOM. With over 30 years of business experience within both information technology and healthcare, Rich insures that AXIOM consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations while maintaining the type of growth necessary to be recognized as the industries healthcare IT experts.

    Prior to founding AXIOM, Rich held the position of Vice President of Health Care Systems for a national consulting company. Previously, Rich played a strategic management role for AMISYS (now part of DST Health Solutions), a leading managed care software vendor.

    Rich has also been instrumental in the design and development of AXIOM’s products which meet the diverse needs of payers and providers in the management of healthcare transactions.

  • Paul Lythcke
    Executive Vice President

    As Executive Vice President, Paul is responsible for the overall delivery of our consulting services capability, client relationships, and ensuring AXIOM’s growth through new business acquisition. With over 30 years of technology, consulting, and sales experience within healthcare, Paul works closely with our clients in the formation of long lasting and trusting relationships.

    Prior to AXIOM, Paul was Vice President of Business Integration Consulting for The TriZetto Group, responsible for the delivery and client satisfaction of large-scale licensed and outsourced software package implementations. Previously he was a Principle and Vice President of Technology and Consulting Services for INFOTRUST, a start-up business process outsourcing (BPO) and application services provider (ASP), focused exclusively within the healthcare Payer market, which was purchased by The Trizetto Group. Having begun his career with Electronic Data Systems (EDS), Paul has a deep understanding of the diverse needs of healthcare organizations and applies his practical experiences related to technology and consulting in formulating successful engagements and product deployments, which deliver high quality results on behalf of our clients.

    Paul received his Bachelors of Science degree from DePaul University in Chicago, IL.

  • Sandra Heckert
    Senior Vice President, Products Division

    As Senior Vice President, Products Division, Sandra is responsible for insuring that AXIOM’s product offerings’ meet the diverse needs of the industry. With over 30 years of practical hands-on healthcare administrative experience, Sandra manages AXIOM’s dedicated team of software developers and implementation and support specialists focused on the delivery of AXIOM’s product offerings.

    Prior to AXIOM, Sandra was the Vice President of Operations and application development for a mid-sized Health Plan based in the Southeast. She has a detailed knowledge of healthcare payer and provider operations, project management and process re-engineering.

    Sandra also served proudly in the United States Air Force as a Medical Administrative Specialist both within the continental US and overseas.

  • Bobby Sherrill
    Senior Vice President, Consulting Services

    As Senior Vice President, Bobby is responsible for the delivery of our consulting services and ensuring that AXIOM’s team of highly skilled consultants consistently provides our clients with high-quality results. As an Information Technology executive with over 25 years of healthcare, information technology, and large scale system implementation and integration experience, Bobby provides clients with a unique perspective in the strategies required to ensure a successful outcome of any size project.

    Prior to AXIOM, Bobby was Vice President, Consulting Services for the Trizetto Group, responsible for a variety of teams within the Trizetto organization including Product Consulting, Technical Consulting, Data Migrations, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Architecture, and Configuration Services. During his career with Trizetto, Bobby also served in the roles of Solutions Executive as well as providing leadership around product consulting, client services, and data conversion services. Prior to Trizetto, Bobby served as Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Colorado Access, a 600,000 member Health Plan located in Denver, Colorado, responsible for all Information Technology activities. Earlier in his career Bobby was a managing consultant, leading clients through the implementation of a variety of software solutions as well serving in the role of Director of Information Systems.

  • Jeffrey Benjamin
    Chief Technology Officer

    As Chief Technology Officer, Jeff is responsible for designing and building best of breed software solutions that deliver outstanding value to our clients. Jeff has over 23 year of healthcare software design and development experience and has taken products from the inception to deploy stages numerous times in his career.

    Prior to AXIOM, Jeff was CEO, Chief Architect, and founder of Ivertex Internet Solutions which merged with AXIOM Systems in 2011. Jeff began his career with Aetna Life Insurance Company and has a deep understanding of the diverse needs of both healthcare payer and providers and is an expert in electronic data interchange (EDI).

  • Angie Waters
    Director, Administrative Services

    As Director of Administrative Services, Angie is dedicated to insuring that our client's experience with the administrative aspects of AXIOM are positive and operate efficiently.

    Angie is responsible for all administrative functions including financial reporting and analysis, facilities, human resources, payroll, and accounts receivable etc. With over 17 years of experience Angie manages a dedicated team in both our Frederick, Maryland and Phoenix, Arizona offices.

    Prior to AXIOM, Angie was an administrator for a CPA firm based in Bethesda, MD.